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Visit Us for Transmission Repair in Philadelphia, PA

Your automobile is a complex arrangement of parts and machinery. That’s why it’s so important to find a mechanic who is not only honest but capable. AAMCO of Philadelphia (Frankford Ave.) performs exhaustive transmission repair in Philadelphia, PA. We know how to get to the bottom of a complicated repair process. We understand how important an accurate diagnosis is to the success of the repairs. Just like in a medical procedure, our mechanics examine your car and run tests to determine if the transmission needs to be repaired. Our thoroughness avoids unnecessary repairs that are among the most expensive in the industry. We work on cars, trucks, and SUVs. We repair both foreign makes and domestic models. Towing costs are on us! That’s the AAMCO way.

Mechanic holding clipboard with open car engine

AAMCO of Philadelphia Can Diagnose Transmission Problems

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve noticed warning signs. There might be a pool of fluid under your transmission oil pan. Shifting might be rough, or your car might be shifting gears even while driving at a steady pace. While these symptoms indicate potential problems, they don’t mean you have transmission failure. Transmission failure is notoriously tricky to self-diagnose. AAMCO of Philadelphia (Frankford Ave.) has the tools required to provide you with a clear and accurate answer.

We Run a Thorough Inspection Process on Your Vehicle

AAMCO of Philadelphia (Frankford Ave.) uses sophisticated computer software to root out problems and paint a clear picture of what is wrong with your car. Our diagnostics are smart enough to bypass the computer system in your car. Once we’ve used our equipment, we perform a thorough inspection of your car ourselves. Our technicians perform an array of tests on your vehicle, including:

  • Putting your car, truck, or SUV in park, drive, and neutral while listening for unusual noises.
  • Driving your car and paying attention to how it engages.
  • Inspecting how the passing gears function.
  • Evaluating up and downshifting functionality.
  • Investigating your axles and shafts.
  • Double-checking all fluid levels.

We Perform Expert Brake Servicing in Philadelphia, PA

Our inspection process is designed to tell us what is wrong with your vehicle and how to fix it. Once we know what the issue is, our technicians go to work repairing it. In addition to transmission repair, Philadelphia, PA residents trust AAMCO of Philadelphia (Frankford Ave.) for a plethora of auto repair services, including brake repair. Once the first symptoms of brake problems arrive (often squealing sounds), it’s time to replace the brakes. To learn more about AAMCO of Philadelphia (Frankford Ave.), contact us today.

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